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Happy Clock Day Everybody!

2017-08-15 07:51:09 by FGK2015

So it has come to my mind that today is Clock Day, whatever that is, but I had some audio of mine collecting dust, so I decided to share it just for an occasion.

Big things ahead

2017-07-21 07:46:33 by FGK2015

First thing is first, I have been told that my music is used on some game called Geometry Dash, whatever that is, which I am totally fine with. As long as it is just for personal​ usage and/or game usage, I will gladly let you use my music, but with, of course, the usage of "stealing" my music (in other words, advertising my music as your own), please don't do that, it is very senseless.

​I also have a big LMMS Deep Progressive House collab in the works. So far I have @JordanKyser and 4 other people who are not on Newgrounds (Jan, anansu, and HCSMusic plus an open spot). I was very happy to do such, and I may plan to do the same for any Newgrounds musician who is interested (for any collab, that is). ;)

​Yes, I have also chosen to participate in the NGAP15 Audio Drama as a musician. My main plan is to do a collab with @JordanKyser and maybe one solo song, but I have set to just to do the collab.

​So, all I am talking about for the next few weeks will be music (mainly because I am a music :P). :)

Shoutout to JordanKyser

2017-04-08 07:26:50 by FGK2015

​Everbody should go check out his new dubstep. It may not be that appealing to some, but at least he tried. Please give some positive feedback and critiques. @JordanKyser Good luck on your next dubstep (Skyline is actually pretty well done for a dubstep amateur)!

Need me for a collab?

2017-01-29 13:09:46 by FGK2015

Need some deep or low bass? Here is your guy! You may PM me for any details (you may also ask me to do your basses for future songs, names will be listed below):

  1. JordanKyser